Christmas Break | Expectations VS. Reality

Christmas Break: Expectation VS Reality

Because after all that God has gifted me with year after year, spending my blissful month-long Christmas vacation working on Him and I (the part of my life that has truly become my biggest gift) was the least I could do!

So I set my relationship goals high, knowing that no longer having daily Mass as easily accessible to me (just one crosswalk away from my dorm), was going to be the thing that would diminish my motivation the most; that reruns of Grey’s Anatomy were going to vie with “Date Time With Jesus” for the top spot on my list of Friday Afternoon Priorities; and that spending a week on a giant floating Disney World on my first journey to the Caribbean and beyond was going to trump all of the above.

But this year was bound to be different, right?

Well, He may have known me before he even formed me in the womb, but it turned out I knew myself pretty darn well as well.

Fast forward to one month later, and 30 incredible days of relaxation galore and sailing the seven seas with Captain Mickey had come and gone. I sat in the pew with my family at Saturday vigil for what would be the last time until almost April, and I wondered where all the time had gone, feeling incredibly guilty that I had spent absolutely none of it with God.

For the first time in weeks, I willingly let His words wash over me. They were as warm as the clear Bahamian waters that I was admittedly missing more than Him. As those similarly transformative waters of New Life washed over Jesus by the hand of His cousin, I received the gentle reminder that I needed the most:

“You are my beloved Son; with you, I am well pleased.”

Everyday of my life, I have to hit the “refresh” button on my efforts put forth in my relationship with God and prioritizing what really matters in my life. It is the choice that I have the option to make or not to make, and though for the past few weeks I willingly chose not to make it, I choose differently today.

“It’s an everyday starting over, it’s an everyday deepening, recommitting, deciding again: I choose to love, I choose to give, I choose to pray. I’m gonna root myself in God.”

So start over with me today, and just keep growing … growing and flourishing in that wash of rebirth.


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