Seasons of Love: Winter Wonderstruck

Is it just me, or are boys exponentially cuter in the winter?

Briskly walking past on his way to class is when I somehow notice all the details, as if everything goes slow-mo in the flurries falling down around what I wish was us.

Your cheeks are flushed and frigid, yet you still manage a hint of a smile to nobody and everyone in particular. Nestled in a brown leather jacket that I want to be swallowed up in cute-couple style, a faux-fur lined collar turned up and a touch of Thursday stubble all work together to keep you warm.

And it is the gift of a good-looking, well-graced man of God that keep me warm, my own little flurry of fuzzies and feelings I need to get through this blustery, bustling day.

Seasons of Love: Winter Wonderstruck



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