For a book to beat out Harry Potter on my list of favorites, that’s how you know it’s good.

The first on the list that is much too small but that I’m forever trying to grow is of course, the Bible. And let me tell you, it’s a continuous work in progress for me to consult and revere and fangirl over the Bible as much as I normally do over Harry Potter.

This year, I bought my first very own Bible that wasn’t one I was perpetually borrowing from my campus ministry or the Catholic Youth one used throughout high school. It was my first main investment in my faith life, totally well worth the cost that was surprisingly only $35 for such a glittery, gorgeous one!


A deep green in person, its color is symbolic of the walking vessel of hope I have become, able to float on through the tempests and waves the waters have thrown at me due to the foundations built through the living word. In these pages, I can keep working on building that strength.

My second favorite book is Fly A Little Higher by Laura Sobiech. It is an biography about her son Zach, who is an example of sainthood for modern times, with Christ-like charm and a solid understanding of his suffering reminiscent of Blessed Pier Giorgio. He is the best friend I never knew I needed on my journey to healing who I met through Youtube, who helped me choose to live my life again, who is one of the main inspirations leading to my rekindling of the faith. His story in relation to mine is definitely something I will undoubtedly get into in some future blog posts, but simply put, getting to know Zach’s beautiful soul through this book is why I can’t wait to get to Heaven, and why I’ve made fighting pediatric cancer one of my personal aims in life.


My third favorite book is one that I judged by its cute cover but that sat on the shelf in my dorm room, cover uncracked for months. It wasn’t until a heart-to-heart one evening with Susannah that I even remembered I had it. We looked at it together, and the nuggets of wisdom that lay inside in the form of inspirational quotes made my heart soar. Fight On by M.H. Clark soared straight to the number 3 position on my list of favorite books.



Scan 4

I can’t wait ’till I have more free time to read, because there is really so much wisdom, inspiration and impact to be found in them! Have you got any suggestions for me? Leave them in the comments below!


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