I’m sure you’re wondering: What could the most pure woman in history and one of the most sensual ones possibly have to do with each other?!

Well, when it comes to their love for all that glitters, quite a bit!

mary x marilyn

I learned from my friend Maggie over at A Little Missionary all about Our Lady of Guadalupe’s tilma and her connection to and purposefulness with glitter:

One other thing that the missionaries who travel with [Our Lady of Guadalupe] noticed is that she will leave glitter in places. There are different colors, and they have different meanings:

Silver: I show magnanimity of my heart. Ask what you want
Gold: I incline toward the weak. I will heal you spiritually, physically, psychologically, and morally.
Blue: I announce that I am nearby. I am with you
Green: These open you to hope in God, acting in His favor.
Red: In time of trial you offer me a sacrifice, remember that I love you.”

Today I was walking from the heart of campus over towards the streets of our next door college town to let my heartbeat settle from the busy day the one place it did that best: the Catholic Student Center.

As I walked alone across the little bridge and the wooded stream nestled underneath it, I stopped in my tracks to find glitter of every color right at my feet. I’ll never quite know if it was glitter from one of my peers jokingly shipping their friend a glitter bomb package, or the Holy Glitter/Escarchas, even more magical than pixie dust.

But I do know that, in the patch I trek every day, I glean such inspiration from women like Mary, and Marilyn, and Maggie, all in different ways. And I pray to keep on twinkling wherever that path takes me, leaving a trickle of light and a little piece of something as I go.


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