I don’t know the first thing about parenting, but I know that today, you were doing it right.

Please don’t think for a minute that your adorable little girl who just wanted her mommy and wasn’t afraid to say it every time she stepped out with the newborn were interrupting our Mass, because it is from and because of you that I was able to learn even more from it today.

(Side note: I totally relate to that hurts-your-heart-wanting-your-mommy during this hardest semester of my life … your little girl sings to my soul.)

You are probably nothing but exhausted after a long day of work and school and the toughest job there is that no one ever gets enough credit for. But you made the effort to get to Mass, which today happened to be with a house full of college students who may think they’re exhausted but ain’t seen nothing yet!

What an example of how we should run our own house one day, if only we are lucky enough.

And that look of reverence I saw on your oldest’s face, a boy probably not beyond 7 but with a maturity and understanding beyond my years, almost made me cry (which isn’t saying much lately). His love for the Mass and for Jesus in the Eucharist is inspiring and something I can only hope to emanate. I have no doubt that Jesus was smiling his When-the-Little-Children-Come-to-Him smile that day when he blessed your son in the communion line. I strive to approach Christ in the same way as your son: little and small but standing tall (rainboots optional).

I really hope you didn’t mind or think I was too forward running after you guys after Mass just to say thank you for coming; all you probably wanted to do was get home to help your two crying kids calm down and grab a hold of the one who didn’t want to leave the pew for anything

Since there wasn’t enough time to say it that day, thank you specifically for inspiring me to be the type of parent that, above all, puts Christ at the center of their household.

I hope you  will all be united together one day with him in His House … you deserve it.


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