I have this new friend named Susannah.

And she is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Some might say a gem.

She’s someone who puts up with all my fangirl craziness and is even willing to indulge in it all with me, including but not limited to real-life Augustus Waters and fictional Barry Allen, and selfies and spazz out sessions that ensue when we serendipitously both spent the day as my two favorite superheroes …

Team #SUPERFLASH, the World’s Finest


She was also willing to indulge in bread and sauce and cheesy goodness on Galentine’s Day, which was pretty much the confirmation I needed that this year is just the beginning of what will be a beautiful friendship.

As we chilled chatting in the student center for hours I eventually lost track of, every Spotify song that piped into our little comfy chair corner was my favorite, and I couldn’t help but jam or freak out every five seconds. It was that day that Susannah learned my love for music has no bounds.

And it was that day I learned Inside Out is more than just a movie to her: it was somehow an illustration of her own story. Not only could my fangirl heart relate to finding deeper meaning in something as simple as Disney movies, but my ever-healing heart could relate even more. As a girl who also found Joy Comes in the Mourning, I came to a little more understanding about why she mindfully chooses to be so very full of it.

If I’m lucky enough that even an ounce of my Magic contributed to some of her Joy, I’ll have become a better person for it.


May the plop of marinara sauce we accidentally left on the ottoman forever remain a spot where friendships begin, even long after we leave our beautiful ‘Burg behind.


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