This time tomorrow, I’ll have had my first day at my first job that involves being a professional pediatric cancer fighter! It feels pretty darn amazing to put a big ol’ check next to and heart around a bucket list item that I thought would take decades to achieve, and that photo of the kid with her arms lifted up to shape a heart as confetti rains down around her is pretty much how I feel!

It is something I am incredibly excited for and that I truly believe I’ll find such fulfillment from, more reward than all the money in the world. I am also absolutely nervous and uncertain about it, because, well, #newstuff and #nobodylikeschange  So I made a playlist of some of my favorite, most motivating songs that will be perfect for putting me at ease the first nine-minute morning commute of the summer.

I’m still not really a big fan of this whole “growing up” thing, but if adult-ing is usually this awesome, I think I’m down with giving it a try.


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