I pray for you, My Superman.

To be the man I know you can.
A man who’s not afraid to feel,
To let his heart go past the steel.
A man whose shield he totes is Christ,
Who bathes victorious in the Light of Life.
That we can get our capes together,
and any battle as one we weather.
The cross upon our chests we bear.
Proud, emblazoned, it we wear.
Let’s bang down Heaven’s door to see
We’re destined to be in His justice league!
But as for now, I pray with might
That you get past your kryptonite.
And that you soon might so be blessed
At last to face your genesis.
Now echo this canary cry:
To Him for you … that’s why I fly.
For the boy whose superpowers include awkward dance moves and never, ever giving up. May you find your way back to your lighting rod, your Iris, that source of being grounded. And “wherever you have to go, whatever you have to do … I’ll be here.”

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