I think the world would be a better place if we lived like this. But let me tell you the way I hear this quote.

Peppered across many Pinterest pages and one of the popular ones across social media, at first glimpse, there is a lot of toughness with a hint of spite. Kind of a “everybody who ever said I couldn’t, let me prove you wrong” vibe.

But perhaps this inward looking direction towards selfΒ and such a desire to substitute hearing people out for proving them wrong is what’s made everything go so wrong in the world recently.

What if an inward desire for being good in the eyes of oneself turned to an outward desire for being good in the eyes of God?

I want to pursue the good … I want to attract the good … and I want to be the good I wish to see in the world.

There are always a lot of buzz words, quotes and Internet slang that I always feel really tempted to live and run my life by. And sometimes, I really do buy into it. But I realize that as fun and appealing as it is to be part of the online conversation, the words I’m transmitted need to be rooted in goodness, truth, and hope.

Words and technology combined can empower beautifully, and with every little typed simple word, I hope and pray to have some humble part in that.

Stay hopeful too, Internet.


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