San Diego Comic Con 2016 is in full swing this weekend, and second best to actually being there, I’ve been geeking out over all the awesomeness coming in through my social media feeds in true fangirl fashion.

Actually, true fangirl fashion would be actually being at Comic Con, so I may just have to really epically reward myself for graduating college on time like a proper adult this time next year! 😉 #ifonly

Of course I knew there would be some major bombshells dropped, but I was not prepared for the upcoming season of Teen Wolf turning into the final season being one of them!

Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, and Holland Roden grew up as I did and we essentially navigated the waters of high school together … except the waters of Beacon Hill were way more crazy with all things supernatural.

It is Teen Wolf I have to thank for urging me to venture across the hall of my freshman dorm and talk to a girl I would have otherwise let myself be intimidated away from. Our mutual love for Dylan O’Brien was the catalyst for sparking a beautiful friendship that I know we can both jump back into anytime, anyplace, like we never even left.

And in a weird sort of way that only fans can understand, I feel like these characters have come to be my friends, too. But more important that the characters they play are the individuals behind them, and there have been three specific times where from their public platforms, Dylan, Holland and Tyler have spoken from their hearts words that I’ll always carry in mine.

So in my attempts to mentally prepare myself for a world without Teen Wolf , I’ll be sharing the inspiration in a few posts to come to showcase just how these actors have come to impact their many young fans around the world.

Thanks, Teen Wolf, for being our own anchor.


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