Spirit of Truth

So anyone who knows me knows Dylan O’Brien’s already captured my heart with his gorgeousness long, long ago.

But he captured it even more than I thought humanly possible when he showed me and the world, through two specific interviews, how gorgeous his own heart truly is.

At a fan convention in Vienna, the latest and freshest topic of most interested to the wolfies, #Stalia, naturally cropped up (#ThatMomentWhen ship names sound like diseases). The entire premise of Season 3B may have revolved around an insane asylum, but the thing people were going most insane over was Stiles’ new girl, and the continued awkward adorableness that we’d all grown to love through the seasons that was bound to ensuee.

There was a point, though, where Dylan spoke up to the producers, the writers, and his superiors, about just how far “adorable” would go during that first connection between Stiles and Malia.

“Originally, there was a full tilt sex scene with that, and I said no, because I am somebody who does not believe in something like that. I discussed it with Jeff because it was literally written as a sex montage. I just said to him … if you want us to connect that’s fine, but no sex for the sake of sex. That just doesn’t fly with me.”

I found this even more impactful though, because this interview occurred after he played the lead in a teen film all about and literally called The First Time, and a charmingly confused boy in an episode of New Girl entitled Virgins. Yes, he dipped his toe in the waters that Hollywood says through all they put on screen is what a young actor needs to be immersing themselves in to be entertaining and successful. But it was through those experiences that he learned that’s exactly where he didn’t want to be swimming. He mindfully chose not to continue to delve into those waters. He decided that, though it might be more of an immediate struggle to do so, though everyone might say it would be “detrimental to his career”, that he wouldn’t be the next “Hollywood sex symbol” to be revered, going against that current pushing him towards that very certain direction would ultimately strengthen him.

Dylan drew a line and made a crucial decision that his personal values would not be compromised for the sake of a career. He showed me what is truly sexy in a man: being man enough to realize you make mistakes, and standing by your values or morals, even when they are not “of this world”.


And as he further proved later that summer via a Q&A in Italy, I think his ability to put that choice as such a priority in his life has to do with the unique goal he has as an actor:

“Acting was something I came upon and I really, really love now. I wanna be as best as I can at it, and I also just wanna be the best person I can be. And I think that those two things correlate. You progress as an actor if you progress as a person first … Constantly be a better person. I’m still young and I’m not perfect at all … I’m not and I never will be, [but] my dreams in life [are to] be good, I guess!”

There’s not a soul over on that West Coast that is quite like Dylan. And I hope that, if he hasn’t already, he can one day impact his peers and superiors the way he’s impacted his fans, most especially this one.


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