Mind Made Up

If I’m writing an homage to Teen Wolf, the show of my teenage-hood, then of course I have to start with Scott himself!

Tyler Posey’s charm was what initially drew me to Teen Wolf during what  was the summer before my sophomore year of high school. For a fair few seasons he initially even had Dylan O’Brien beat as my favorite brown-eyed cast member, the way he totally nailed the role of Romeo in what initially started off as a supernatural star-crossed lovers’ saga. I naively thought that the remake of the classic 80’s hit would remain a simple will they or won’t they between the werewolf and the girl who came from a long line of supernatural hunters.  Soon enough though, Teen Wolf turned horrific and action-packed enough to last a solid six seasons! Yet the human qualities of compassion and care towards everyone and everything, a simple desire to save his friends and the world, were what Tyler made sure shone forth in Scott, because that all shined effortlessly from him.

In everything that Tyler has gone through since then, specifically in the past few years, it’s amazing to me that he’s been able to keep that shine ablaze. Two months after his childhood girlfriend of over a decade called off their engagement, his mom lost her life to breast cancer.

And yet in a following interview with Larry King that same winter, he was never not shining for one single moment. Honest and authentic, he was just as charming as ever, especially when he had this to say:

“I really feel like I was put on Earth to do what I’m doing, but to change the world. I wanna affect people positively; I wanna be a good role model and an inspiration. I wanna … make [people] realize they can do whatever they want to do! Being in this business for so long, I’ve seen a lot of kids my age that are kind of nightmares, and you don’t need to be! It’s so easy … to be a person that everyone wants to work for.”

Tyler Posey, once a teenage crush, has now  become an exemplary man, showing me how to suffer with grace and still prioritize putting a smile on others’ face. He encourages me to continue to hope I get the chance to be a role-model for others like he is for me. He reminds me to always reflect back upon my life’s experiences and try to gather as much knowledge as possible from them, taking any chance I have to humbly share that knowledge with others.

And he taught me to “be a person that everyone wants to work for” — especially as I near the end of earning my business degree and venture out into the really real world.

He is a man who has his mind made up about the kind of Hollywood star he wants to be.

A man who will undoubtedly continue to shine.


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