Look no further than Eddie Redmayne, Britain’s freckly gift to America and this all-American one in it who has a particular thing for accents, gingers, fanboys, and guys who don’t take themselves too seriously.

I’ve just returned from my first of many times to come watching Fantastic Beasts, a whole 2 weeks, 3 days after it came out (just ask anyone at work; I’ve been counting …). Simply put, it was the most fun I’ve had in the Wizarding World yet.  I’m seriously already ready for it to be added to ABC Family’s monthly Harry Potter Weekend line-up, especially I can see constant reruns of my second favorite star of the film: the Niffler!


And the Oscar for Cutest Magical Creature goes to …

But I don’t know what I’m ready to re-watch more; the movie itself, or the press tour that led up to it. Because every since Comic Con came and went in July, he’s been bringing the magic back into our lives, just as giddy as all the fans he sees himself in as we lifted our wands together and welcomed each other back home.

And the past month has been just that; absolute magic, a feeling of excitement that you only get when you’re back home. Eddie brought my glee back with a flair all his own, explaining the story he’s just as excited as us to be a part of by unabashedly embracing the awkward fun that comes with talk shows and press tours.

Exhibit A: the infamous mating dance … definitely no “mini committing” involved here!
“What are your plans after college?”
“To be as successful in life as Eddie Redmayne was imitating that seal on Ellen.”
Petition for Eddie to star in NBC’s live version of Cats, and be even more adorable with cat ears and whiskers.
You know you’re a precious cupcake when you don’t just blush, you “go beatroot”.
Eddie pronouncing “Fleur Delacour” complete with French accent proves he takes being #PartofPotter very seriously.
“Slightly dopey … perfect.” THIS KID 😍😍😍😍😍
And to round out the fangirling sesh, here we have a Proud ‘Puff in his natural habitat, reminding us beige is the new black, and hard work and compassion are worth more than all the House Points in the world.

Never change, Eddie … Never change.


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